About UP OIL

The Office of International Linkages is a unit under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

It is mandated to identify and explore areas of cooperation and linkages with institutions abroad. It promotes international academic and research collaboration with partner universities through student and faculty exchange, joint research, network participation, sharing of educational resources, and other international academic and research activities. The office is engaged in the initiation, planning, implementation, and monitoring of linkage activities.

The office also participates in the implementation of student exchange programs with partner universities. It facilitates the application and endorsement of UP students who wish to participate in the international exchange program. Also, it provides assistance to international exchange students such as tuition waiver through agreements between their home university and the UP System.


UP – A national university imbued with international perspective and distinction.


The Office of International Linkages fosters transnational academic and research cooperation for beneficial engagements, towards the fulfilment of UP’s internationalization mandate and national commitments.

Quality Policy Statement

We are ONE UP guided by ONE charter, upholding the same tradition of honor and excellence. We move toward greatness in serving the Filipino nation and humanity through the unified efforts of our students, faculty, researchers, administrative staff, and alumni.

Guiding Principles

Honor, Excellence, and
Democratic Governance

Committed to UP’s long tradition of honor and excellence, we shall be guided in our decision- making by the principles of democratic governance: collegiality, representation, accountability, transparency, inclusivity, and active participation of the University’s Constituents.

Accessibility and Responsiveness

We will breakdown bureaucratic walls and make our administration accessible and responsive to our stakeholders.

Innovativeness and Creativity

In making decisions, we shall not be bound by traditional solutions. We shall be prepared to pursue innovative approaches in solving the problems and issues that confront the University.

One University

We shall be guided by the spirit of Oneness; common standards of excellence, harmonized systems, common and shared services across constituent Universities, but with decentralized decision-making and execution.

We are One UP

Meet our Team

Maria Cynthia Rose B. Bautista, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Arlene Bibiana P. Boro
Executive Assistant IV
Imee Su Martinez, Ph.D.
AVPAA & Director
Office of International Linkages
Guillian Mecate
University Researcher I
MOVE-UP Program Manager
Noel Christian A. Moratilla, Ph.D.
Deputy Director, Office of International Linkages
Chynna Louise Riego
Senior Project Assistant
Hosting and WELS Program Manager
Maria Evelyn R. Dilig
Administrative Officer III
Karla Mae T. Punay
Administrative Assistant II
COOPERATE Program Manager
Michelle Angela T. Ramirez
Junior Project Associate
Travel Grant Program Associate
Roma Nina C. Samson
Junior Office Assistant
COOPERATE Program Associate
Marilyn T. Nirza
Project Staff
MOVE-UP Program Associate
Dennis T. Bugnalen
Administrative Aide I

University Policies