POOF 2024-001 Ms. Karla Mae T. Punay


Ms. Karla Punay’s Journey and Evolving Roles at UP OIL: A Seven-Year Odyssey

In 2017, Ms. Karla Punay embarked on her journey with the University of the Philippines – Office of International Linkages (UP OIL). Now, after seven years of dedicated service, she was given a chance to reflect on her evolution within the organization. Beginning as a non-UP COS employee in 2017, Ms. Punay handled numerous responsibilities and eventually transitioned to the role of Administrative Assistant in 2018. Presently, she holds the pivotal position of Head of Finance, Property, and Procurement for the office, showcasing her commitment and growth within the UP OIL community.

Navigating Challenges and Growing Stronger

One of Ms. Punay’s noteworthy challenges emerged when she was assigned the management of two programs simultaneously. Processing applications, conducting reviews, and navigating the approval procedures involving committees and UP officials pose inherent challenges. Adding to the complexity is the intricacy of liquidating expenses for each grantee, meticulously scrutinizing their expenditures, and ensuring accurate computations before forwarding them to the accounting department. Multiplying these tasks by two elevates the challenge to a truly gargantuan scale.

This formidable challenge became a catalyst for personal and professional growth, teaching her the invaluable skills of time management, energy allocation, and prioritization. Skills of which awarded her a plantilla item after years of dedicated service.


Overcoming this challenge not only honed Ms. Punay’s practical skills but also reshaped her outlook on assigned tasks. She developed a profound understanding that each task is a potential stepping stone for continuous learning and eventual success, surpassing the conventional perception of assignments as mere directives from superiors.

This transformative experience empowered Ms. Punay to achieve independence in efficiently processing multiple disbursement voucher payments simultaneously, while also successfully managing substantial procurement tasks. Internally, it is widely acknowledged that navigating government procurement processes demands months of meticulous preparation and unwavering dedication. Thanks to Ms. Karla’s exemplary efforts, our office not only met but exceeded expectations by orchestrating numerous events that significantly contributed to the realization of the university’s internationalization goals.

OIL’s Evolution and Current Challenges

Reflecting on OIL’s evolution since her early days, Ms. Punay sheds light on the office’s current challenges. As the head of property, finance, and procurement, she highlights the pressing issue of limited office space. As the workload exponentially increases, the need for capable staff also increases as well.

Currently sharing quarters with the Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs, OIL faces constraints in accommodating staff, files, and properties, as well as hosting international visitors and partners. Despite this significant challenge, Ms. Punay continues to care for the office and the staff’s need for functional equipment and a conducive environment, acting as one of the primary custodians of all office equipment, along with Sir Dennis Bugnalen and Ma’am Evelyn Dilig.

The 5S Fairy

Ms. Karla Punay has earned the endearing title of the “5S Fairy” from her colleagues and our Director. This title reflects her instrumental role in implementing the 5S methodology (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain the cycle) by making sure that the staff is observing cleanliness and orderliness with the office area and its equipment.

She has a magic wand at the office which she uses to award the OIL Employee that has the cleanest office space of the month, an awarding session that is very much exciting to the office. Cleanliness, of course, is a responsibility but because of Ms. Karla, it has become a positive and engaging experience.

Through Ms. Karla Punay’s journey and the collective endeavors of the OIL team, the office consistently showcases adaptability and evolution. This resilience and commitment in the face of challenges underscore the dedication of OIL to its mission and emphasize its ongoing pursuit of excellence in international linkages.