People of OIL Feature 2024-002 Ms. Chynna Louise Riego


by Ivan Monasterial

In a world where change and taxes are often deemed the only constants, and life is an ever-present challenge, our resident Disney Princess of the office stands unwavering, meeting each obstacle with a remarkable blend of grace and fortitude.

Ms. Chynna Louise Riego, nicknamed Chynna, and Bebe to her colleagues, has had a remarkable journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. In 2019, Ms. Chynna joined OIL as the Hosting and WELS Manager and was also assigned to facilitate agreements and events management. In 2022, she became the new Executive Assistant of the office as she bravely rowed the waves of change alongside new responsibilities and challenges.

This new role came as a shock; however, Ms. Chynna faced this new chapter with an unwavering commitment to serve. Despite the uncertainty and doubts she had, and the pressure to quickly rise to the occasion as the then-youngest member of the office, she was always humble and kept a positive attitude, even when situations were dire. Ms. Chynna’s strength and determination were great forces that allowed her to overcome challenges that the office faced, but even in her “small wins” she never failed to share these wins with her colleagues.

In her characteristic fashion, Ms. Chynna sometimes attributed her accomplishments to some bits of luck. Whether or not luck played a role, the true enchantment lies in her steadfast belief that each of us has the potential to be great and that each of us can have a positive influence in the lives of others. She held the belief that goodness and excellence are innate gifts within people, not elusive talents and that everyone can contribute meaningfully to the world.

Life’s challenges, obstacles, and storms are inevitable, but according to Ms. Chynna, they offer an opportunity for personal growth and transformation. Every chapter presents a chance for a rebirth, making the human experience both unpredictable and profoundly transformative. The amalgamation of knowledge, battle scars, and fragments of Ms. Chynna’s former self creates the vibrant and resilient character we know today.

Ms. Chynna currently holds a prominent position as a member of the senior staff at OIL, where her commitment is not just towards the efficiency of the office, but also to ensuring the growth of each of her team members following her example of being graceful under pressure and removing panic in our daily practices and vocabulary. Her guidance extends beyond mere professional advice. She encourages individuals to reflect upon and honor their past selves during times of change and transformation. She advocates for a profound respect for one’s personal journey, urging individuals to construct their present by integrating the invaluable fragments of life experiences they have bravely endured.

As she always says in the office, malayo pa, pero malayo na.