Continuous Operational and Outcomes-based Partnership for Excellence in Research and Academic Training Enhancement (COOPERATE)

The COOPERATE grant aims to promote the development of research and creative manpower of the University through research cooperation and academic training with international partner universities.

The main objective is to increase the research and creative productivity of UP to aid in nation-building and to uphold its mandate as the National Research University. 

It aspires to increase the number of students who are successfully able to finish their degrees (Master’s/Doctoral) in a timely manner, through co-advisership with experts in international partner universities and through active research cooperation. 

Funding, which includes travel expenses, accommodation, and living expenses will be provided to the qualified graduate student and research adviser.


  1. Provide financial support to enable UP graduate students (master’s and doctoral), under the advisership of UP faculty and preferably at the thesis/dissertation stage, to conduct research/creative work and if possible, take advance elective courses in international partner universities through advisers/co-advisership;
  2. To hasten the completion of research and creative work by UP graduate students in areas/fields most relevant to the needs of the country; 
  3. To provide an opportunity for graduate students to experience high throughput laboratory environments abroad, in order to broaden and enrich his/her research experience;
  4. To promote research/creative productivity through long-term active cooperation between UP (faculty, researchers, research groups) and international partner universities


  • UP graduate students at the master’s thesis/doctoral dissertation stage with approved Thesis/Dissertation Proposal issued by the unit head or head of the unit’s graduate committee
  • Faculty/research adviser of a graduate student (who must have an established collaboration with international faculty/researcher)

Coverage of the Grant

The coverage of the grant is as follows: 

  • 1 to 6 months duration for master’s student, 6 to 12 months for doctoral student, 2 weeks to 1 month duration for UP faculty/researcher
  • round trip economy airfare
  • visa fee for graduate students/pre-departure expenses for faculty
  • travel and health insurance
  • stipend which includes accommodations, meals, and land transportation allowances

Get in touch

For further inquiries, kindly contact Mr. Guillian M. Mecate (Head of Program Development and Strategy) through email at