Grant Reports and Feedback Form

The grantee is requested to submit the following documents not later than 30 working days after the event

Liquidation Guidelines

The grantee shall liquidate the funds at their CU Accounting Office not later than 30 working days after the event. Usual attachments to the liquidation report are as follows: 

  • Liquidation Report (Annex C) 
  • Copy of the 1st page of each Disbursement Voucher
  • Official Receipt/s or invoice/s of purchased items (original)
  • Copy of FCM and approved line-item budget

Please be reminded that original receipt/s or invoice/s of purchased items, especially the boarding passes of invited speaker/s (if applicable) should be kept and attached to the liquidation report. 

For other pertinent documents per expenditure type for the liquidation report, please coordinate with the UP CU Accounting Office for the appropriate documents that must be attached.

For any further inquiries and assistance on the preparation and submission of the grant reports, a session may be scheduled with the Hosting team every Friday afternoon, subject to availability. 

To schedule a session, please send an email to The calendar of the Hosting team may be viewed here for reference.