Q1: When is the submission deadline of the grant? 

A1: Please refer to the schedule below for the submission schedule: 

Schedule of the Lecture/VisitSubmission Period and DeadlineSchedule of Evaluation Meeting
January to MarchJuly to September of the previous year
Deadline: Last working day of September
April to JuneOctober to December of the previous year
Deadline: Last working day of December
July to SeptemberJanuary to March
Deadline: Last working day of March
October to DecemberApril to June
Deadline: Last working day of June

Q2: How much is the maximum support of the grant and what expenses may be supported? 

A2: The WELS grant provides financial support to host the special lectures or performances to be given by said world experts as follows: 

  • For face-to-face lectures: economy airfare, per diem allowance which includes accommodation, food, and incidentals (local transportation) and other Operating Expenses (if necessary) for a maximum of ₱ 50,000.00.
  • For virtual lectures: resource fee to the invited expert and technical support staff and other Operating Expenses for the conduct of the virtual lectures (if necessary) for a maximum of ₱ 50,000.00.

Q3: What items are not allowed to be funded through the WELS grant?

A3: Below is a list of items not allowed to be funded through the WELS Grant: 

  • For face-to-face events:
    • Publication Fees
    • Professional Development Fees 
    • Tokens
    • Honoraria
  • For virtual lectures:
    • Publication Fees
    • Professional Development Fees 
    • Cash Awards
    • Any expenses applicable only to face-to-face lectures (e.g. venue rental, printing expenses, transportation, food and lodging, etc.).
      • Should these items be necessary even in virtual mode, a justification letter should be submitted subject to approval of the committee. 

Q4: How long is the application process? When will I get notified of the status of my application? 

A4: Application process usually takes around 3 – 4 weeks upon submission. Updates on the status of your application will be shared through the e-mail address you have provided in the application form.

Q5: When will I receive the funding for my application? 

A5: Upon approval of the application and submission of the notarized grant contract, the grant will be released via Funding Check Memo (FCM) within 3 – 4 weeks after the submission of the request for transfer of funds, subject to the availability of funds and processing of concerned offices. 

A copy of the FCM will be sent to the grantee through email within 48 hours after the grant orientation. The grantee may refer to the guidelines on how to access the OIL-administered grant given through FCM (Annex 1).

Q6. How do I send the funding support to the expert? What are the fees to prepare for?

A6: Funding support to the expert may be given through wire transfer. In transferring the funding support to the expert, please be reminded to consider the following fees: 

  • Bank Charges or Commission
  • Cable Charges or Postage Fees 
  • Documentation stamp 
  • Buffer for the fluctuation of exchange rates 

For further assistance, kindly coordinate with your UP CU Accounting Office. 

Moreover, please note that the payment received by the experts whether the engagement is conducted virtually or the expert is physical present in the University is considered as income sourced from government funds, and therefore subject to tax.

The grantee is requested to assist the expert in applying for a Tax Identification Number (TIN). Tax exemption is based on the nature of taxable income and tax treaties between countries. Tax treaty relief, however, is not automatic and needs to be applied.

For assistance on applicable taxes, kindly coordinate with your unit or CU HRDO.

Q7. What happens if the boarding pass of the invited expert is missing? 

A7: A travel certification must be requested from the airline provider in lieu of the missing boarding pass of the invited expert. 

For further assistance on the documents that must be submitted for the liquidation report, please contact your UP CU Accounting Office. 

Q8: Who can I contact for any inquiries or concerns? 

A8: You may reach Mr. Vincenzo Sebastian C. Reyes, Hosting and WELS Program Manager, through email at [email protected] for any inquiries or concerns.