Q1: Once my financial assistance has been approved, can I still make changes to it?

A1: Any changes in the amount during the implementation of the activity may be done subject to the approval of the OIL Director. The grantee must send a letter of request for budget realignment addressed to the OIL Director with strong justification for the requested changes or realignment.

Q2: What changes can be requested for realignment?

A2: The allowed items when re-allocating funds are only for the following:  Airfare, Visa Fee, and Travel and Health Insurance. The total approved amount should remain. Only an approved Line-item Budget can be processed for reallocation. 

Q3: If I plan to extend my grant, what is the process/requirement?

A3: Request for extension is subject to the evaluation and approval of the COOPERATE Committee. The request for an extension must be done three (3) months before the end of the grant. Please attach a revised Gantt chart for the extension approved by the research adviser and co-adviser,  along with your request. A request after the end of the grant will not be accepted.

Q4: If I already received a COOPERATE grant, am I allowed to re-apply?

A4: Yes, as long as you are cleared with the previously received grant and you have no pending reports for submission (e.g. unliquidated grants) from any of the other programs offered by OVPAA. 

Q5: If I am also a recipient of the Travel Grant, can I still apply to the COOPERATE program?

A5: Yes, as long as you are cleared with your obligations under the Travel Grant program.

Q6: If I am provided funding from another granting institution, can I still apply to the COOPERATE program?

A6: Yes, as long as there is no duplication with the approved Line-item budget, to avoid difficulty in the liquidation process.

Q7: After receiving my COOPERATE grant, my host university awarded me with a full scholarship. What shall I do?

A7: The grantee must not be a recipient of a partial or full grant from the host university or any other granting institution. If in the course of the COOPERATE grantee’s visit, the grantee becomes a recipient of a full grant from the host university or any other scholarship-granting institution, the grantee must return the full amount provided by UP through COOPERATE. There should be no duplication in the Line-Item Budget.

Q8:  Once my grant is completed, what happens to the unexpended funds?

A8: You must return the unexpended funds (based on the summary of expenses) to the UP System Cash Office located in the basement of Quezon Hall. We will send you an email on how to return the unexpended funds.

Q9: What should I do if I lose my boarding pass?

A9: Get an official certification from the airlines in lieu of a boarding pass.

Q10: What happens if I do not liquidate the funds?

A10: You will be tagged at your UP CU Office of the University Registrar (OUR) and the Office of International Linkages (OIL) as a student with accountabilities. You cannot obtain your clearance until your accountability is settled with our office.

Q11: Who can I contact for any inquiries or concerns? 

A11: You may reach Mr. Guillian M. Mecate, Head of Program Development and Strategy, through email at [email protected] for any inquiries or concerns.