Application Process and Requirements

Applicants must register first in the OIL Portal and create an applicant profile to access the online application form.

Kindly use a UP Mail account in the OIL Portal Registration. Once the online application form is accomplished with complete document attachments, our office will process the application based on merit and availability of funds.

Schedule of the International ConferenceSubmission Period and DeadlineSchedule of Evaluation Meeting
January to MarchAugust to October of the previous year
Deadline: Last working day of October
April to JuneNovember to January
Deadline: Last working day of January
July to SeptemberFebruary to April
Deadline: Last working day of April
October to DecemberMay to July
Deadline: Last working day of July

Other requirements for the grant are as follows: 

  • Attachment 1: Abstract of the paper (For Faculty/REPS, include the citation of a recent research in an ISI-listed publication or its equivalent)
  • Attachment 2: Applicant’s 2-page curriculum vitae (For Faculty/Graduate Student, include copy of Form 5 or a certification that you are enrolled on the period of travel)
  • Attachment 3: Official invitation or acceptance letter from the conference, which indicates the title of the invited lecture or accepted paper
  • Attachment 4: Information about the conference
  • Attachment 4a: Conference Announcement
  • Attachment 4b: History and Track Record 
  • Attachment 4c: Conference Organizers
  • Attachment 4d: Previous Conference Publication/Proceedings
  • Attachment 5: Recommendation letter from the adviser endorsed by the Chancellor/Dean/Head of the Institute/Adviser
  • Attachment 6: Details of financial assistance (e.g. amount, coverage, proposed utilization)

Note:  Please make sure that the signatories of the application are in one page. For roundtrip economy tickets, the applicant/grantee must travel to and from the Philippines only.

Application Conditions 

  • The applicant must be enrolled during the time of application and the time of the conference. For applications during the 1st and 2nd semesters, kindly submit the copy of your latest Form 5, and for those during the midyear, please submit a Certification from your Graduate Office stating that you are currently admitted in a graduate program.
  • The Constituent Unit (CU) shall nominate only one application for a specific conference. If there are two or more applications from the same institution for the same conference, only one candidate should be endorsed by the CU to OIL/OVPAA considering the specialization, theme of the conference, etc. In the case of co-authored papers, only one author should be endorsed by the CU for the grant.
  • The financial assistance shall be provided directly to the applicant. However, if the applicant cannot personally get the financial assistance, his/her representative should submit a duly-signed authorization letter with 1 photocopy of the applicant’s valid government-issued ID and 1 photocopy of his/her representative’s valid government-issued ID. Original IDs must be presented. UP is free from any liabilities or damages in connection with the release of the financial assistance to the applicant or applicant’s representative. 
  • It will be the applicant’s responsibility to make his/her travel grant arrangements (travel authority, visa, foreign exchange permit, ticket, etc.)
  • The applicant shall sign a contract with University of the Philippines for other specific provisions/conditions.