Grant Liquidation

Recipients of MOVE-UP Scholarship Grants must submit their liquidation reports with all the necessary attachments to the Office of International Linkages (OIL) one (1) month after their return from their respective student exchange activities.

For process transparency and guidance on compliance, below are the steps needed to be accomplished by all MOVE-UP Grantees:


Step 1: Submit liquidation report to for evaluation. (1 working day)

Step 2: OIL Staff will evaluate the submitted report. (1-2 working days)

Step 3: Grantee will comply with revisions or requirements on submitted documents, as advised by OIL Staff. (1-5 working days)

Step 4: Liquidation Report with complete requirements will be endorsed for signature to the Director of Office of International Linkages (OIL). (1 working day)

Step 5: Signed liquidation report will be transmitted to UP System Accounting Office (UPSAO) for review. (1 working day)

Step 6: UPSAO will issue their feedback for compliance if any. (1-30 working days)

Step 7: Once cleared by the UPSAO, OIL will un-tag the Grantee from OIL accountabilities. (1 working day)


  • MOVE-UP Liquidation Cover Page
  • MOVE-UP Confirmation Letter
  • Itinerary of Travel
  • Copy of Letter of Acceptance from Host University
  • Certificate of Travel Completed (Requires wet signature of College Dean)
  • Copy of Transcript (Electronic copy is accepted)
  • Student Post-study Report
  • Summary of Expenses
  • Other Attachments
    • Official Receipts or Card Statement of Account (Airfare, Insurance and Stipend Expenses)
    • Boarding Passes
    • Insurance Policy