Application Process and Requirements

Applicants must register first in the OIL Portal and create an applicant profile to access the online application form.

Kindly use a UP Mail account in the OIL Portal Registration. Once the online application form is accomplished with complete document attachments, our office will process the application based on merit and availability of funds.

Requirements for Student Exchange

  1. 1-page Curriculum Vitae
  2. True Copy of Grades
  3. Certification of General Weighted Average
  4. Certification of Remaining Units
  5. One (1) Recommendation Letter from previous professor/instructor addressed to:
    • MOVE-UP Outbound Student Exchange Selection Committee
      Office of International Linkages
      3F South Wing, Quezon Hall
      UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City
  6. Initial Outbound Study Plan
  7. 500 word essay
    • Pick a societal issue and discuss how a student coming from an international exchange program can address/influence/effect changes to the chosen societal issue
  8. Copy for Form 5 and UP ID

Requirements for Financial Assistance

  1. UP SLAS Learning Assistance Need Bracket Certification
  2. 1-page Curriculum Vitae
  3. True Copy of Grades
  4. Certification of General Weighted Average
  5. Certification of Remaining Units
  6. Copy of Letter of Acceptance from Host University
  7. Two (2) Recommendation Letters from previous professors/instructors addressed to:
    • MOVE-UP Financial Assistance Selection Committee
      Office of International Linkages
      3F South Wing, Quezon Hall
      UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City
  1. Accomplished Parent/Legal Guardian’s Consent and Waiver Form (with photocopy of ID of Parent/Legal Guardian; Proof of Guardianship for Legal Guardian)
  2. Copy of Form 5 and UP ID
  3. Aside from these documents, applicants must submit the following documents to support their application:
    1. Student Exchange Program
    2. Thesis/Sandwich Program or Internship
      • Copy of Thesis Proposal endorsed by Thesis Adviser
      • Gantt Chart/Work Plan for Thesis Research Activities
    3. Degree-related Training
      • Approved MOVE-UP Financial Assistance Study Plan
      • Certification from Department Chair/Adviser on the relevance of short-term training

The following tables provide an overview of the entitlements and its corresponding amount that the student may receive from MOVE-UP:

EntitlementNo Discount33%-60% Partial Discount80% PD- Full Discount + Stipend
Roundtrip Airfare (Economy)
Monthly Living Allowance
Monthly Accommodation Allowance

MOVE-UP + EntitlementNo Discount33%-60% Partial Discount80% PD- Full Discount + Stipend
Program Fees (Inclusive of Cultural Immersion Fees)*
Internet Subsidy (P1500/month)
Gadget Support (Maximum Grant Amount of P10,000)

Applicants classified as ND will be entitled for 50% support for Program Fees
Applicants classified as 33-60% PD will be entitled for 75% support for Program Fees
Applicants classified as 80%-FDS will be entitled for 100% support for Program Fees

Application Process

  1. Interested applicants must register in the OIL Portal to access the Online Application Form. A PDF copy of the application form will be emailed to the registered email address and the applicant must post-process the application form by affixing the required signatures.
  1. Once the application form has been signed and duly endorsed by the UP CU’s designated international relations office, applicants of bilateral in-person student exchanges must upload the application form and the required attachments to the OIL Portal on or before 15 May for First Semester Exchange (August-December) and 15 October for Second Semester Exchange (January-May). Applicants may only submit their applications to the Portal once the UP System OIL has opened the call for applications.
    • Applicants of MOVE-UP Financial Support for Short-term In-Person Exchange Programs (Summer/Winter Exchange Program, Short-term Cultural Extramural, etc.) and Virtual Internationalization Programs may apply whole year round as the application deadlines for these programs vary from one host university to another.
  1. MOVE-UP Financial Assistance Selection Committee will evaluate the application documents of the applicants
  1. Application results will be sent to the applicants through email
  1. Grantees of the MOVE-UP Financial Assistance have to submit an approved Cross Registration document and MOVE-UP Contract for the processing of the release of Grant
  1. The Grant will be released (in the form of check) 3-4 weeks upon submission of the contract

UP SLAS LAN Bracket Appeals

Students assigned with No Discount and 33%-60% Partial Discount ST Brackets who wish to appeal their grant entitlements may submit their appeals to the MOVE-UP Financial Assistance Committee for its consideration.

Applicants must attach the following additional documents to their collated final application document for uploading in the submission portal:

  1. Appeal Letter addressed to OIL Director, Dr. Imee Su Martinez
  2. Any Proof of Financial Hardship (Hospital Bills, Medical Certificates, etc.)

Please note that the submission of grant appeals does not constitute automatic approval. Appeals approval will be based on the availability of remaining scholarship funds.