World Expert Lecture Series (WELS)

Eminent world leaders and artists from the academe, government and industry are invited to give special lectures or performances in UP to further expose and inspire students, faculty, and staff and in support of the internationalization goals of the university.

The World Experts Lecture Series (WELS) grant provides financial support to qualified UP faculty, REPS, or staff to host the special lectures or performances given by said world experts. 

Coverage of the grant is as follows:

Face-to-face lectures

  • Support for air travel (round trip economy airfare)
  • Per Diem for one week based on WHO/UNDP-DSA Rate
    • 50% for Accommodation (inclusive of breakfast);
    • 30% for Meals of the Expert (Lunch and Dinner); and 
    • 20% for Incidental Expenses of the Expert (including local transportation of the Expert)
  • If necessary, other Operating Expenses (e.g., Rental of Function Hall, Food for the Lecture Participants, Printing of Tarpaulins; Maximum: ₱50,000.00)

Note: Tokens and honoraria are not allowed; hence, they must not be included in the proposed estimated budget. 

Virtual lectures

  • Resource fee for the invited speaker/s or expert/s and/or professional host/emcee using the computation formula indicated in the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Budget Circular 2007-1, “Guidelines on the Grant of Honoraria”, as a guide:
    • Total Minimum Honorarium \frac{\text{MSR}_{min}}{\text{1 month}}\times\frac{\text{1 month}}{\text{22 days}}
  • Resource fee for the technical and support staff (maximum of three members) who will provide assistance in hosting the conference or lecture using the stipulated rates in Memorandum No. CGCG 05-06, “Implementation of New Honoraria Rates.”
  • If necessary, other Operating Expenses (e.g., Communication, Outsourced Services, Web Hosting and Maintenance Fee, and related expenses to the production and conduct of the virtual lecture; Maximum: ₱50,000.00)

To view upcoming international lectures hosted by UP units supported by the WELS grant, please visit our Facebook page.  


  • A UP Faculty, REPS, or staff can only apply once per year with a maximum of 2 simultaneous applications for a single event per year per applicant per unit. 
  • The applicant will not be allowed to apply for the grant if a previous grantee from the same unit has pending submission of reports (e.g., liquidation report).

Get in touch

For further inquiries, kindly contact Ms. Vincenzo Sebastian C. Reyes (Hosting and WELS Program Manager) through email