Research/Creative Work Presentation In International Conferences (Travel Grant)

For in-person presentation: The Grant shall provide financial assistance based on actual costs:

  • Roundtrip Airfare
  • Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) for the entire period of the conference, including travel time to and from the same (based on E.O. 77 s. 2019, Prescribing Rules, Regulations and Rates of Expenses and Allowances for Official Local and Foreign Travels of Government Personnel)
  • Registration Fees

For online presentation: The Grant shall provide financial assistance according to the guidelines stipulated in the 1358th BOR-approved UP Virtual Internationalization Program (UP-VIP) Guidelines of 2021, which includes conference fees, internet subsidy, and proceedings or publication fees. The amount provided will be based on the submitted line-item budget reflecting actual conference costs


  1. Enrolled graduate students
  2. Regular faculty members
  3. REPS
  4. Permanent administrative staff

Number of representatives per international conference or event will be at the discretion of the UP Chancellor

Grant Conditions:

  1. The grantee must sign the compliance to liquidate clause included in the application from of the Travel Grant Program based on COA regulations. (COA Circular No. 2012-001, Prescribing the Revised Guidelines and Documentary Requirements for Common Government Transactions)
  2. Graduate student grantees must be enrolled during the time of application and the time of the conference. In the midterm, graduate student applicants may submit a certification from the department or college, in lieu of a Form 5, stating that they are in the graduate program and will still be enrolling in the coming term. For faculty, REPS, and administrative staff, a valid appointment or Certificate of Employment (COE) from the HRDO may be submitted.
  3. The grantee is responsible for processing necessary travel documents such as travel authority, visa, foreign exchange permit, and others. They are also responsible for their travel arrangements.
  4. Number of representatives per conference or event nominated by the CU will be based on the discretion of the Chancellor.
  5. The financial assistance shall be provided and released directly to the grantee. However, if the grantee cannot personally receive the financial assistance, a representative may collect bearing a duly signed authorization letter with a photocopy of the representative’s valid government-issued ID. UP shall be free of any liabilities or damages in connection with the release of the financial assistance to the grantee or grantee’s representative
  6. The grantee must attend the pre-departure orientation and the post-travel grant liquidation session.
  7. Unexpended funds must be returned to the UP-System Cash Office located in the basement of Quezon Hall. Information on how to return the unexpended funds will be provided after the review of the liquidation report.
  8. Grantees who fail to submit required liquidation documents will be tagged by the UP CU Office of the University Registrar (OUR), and the Office of International Linkages (OIL) as a grantee with accountabilities. Grantees with accountabilities cannot re-apply to the grant, and students with accountabilities will not be cleared by the OUR.
  9. Successful grantees can re-apply after a year if they are cleared with the previously received grant and have no pending liquidation reports for submission from any of the other OIL or OVPAA Programs

Get in touch

For further inquiries, kindly contact Mr. Kurt Sy (Travel Grant Program Manager)
through email at [email protected]